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Taxe Perçue and North Korea: why use TP labels?

Sometime in 2021 Willem van der Bijl sent us these photos. Do you recognize these and know anything in particular about them? Such as period of usage etc. And do you perhaps own such items as well? I would love to see the TP labels you’ve got. Are they the same or are there more […]


What do we know about these North Korean revenue stamps?

A KSS member asks about North Korean revenue stamps: what do we know about these? “A small number of stamps, many duplicates. I do not specifically collect such stamps, but sometimes buy them. Are these stamps all North Korean? I read that there is a catalog of Korean (or North Korean) revenue stamps, but I […]


KPC3502-3505 Astronomy of the Joseon Dynasty

조선의 천문과학  Astronomy of the Joseon Dynasty 우표번호 Stamp No. 3502-3505 종수 Types 4 발행량 Quantity 920,000(전지 46,000장) 디자인 Design 조선시대 천문의기(일성정시의) 인쇄 및 색수 Print & Color 평판 / 4도/ 흑박 전지구성 Sheet composition 4 + (4 × 4) 디자이너 Designer 김미화 발행일 Date of Issue 2021. 4. 21. 액면가격 Denomination 380원 우표크기 Stamp […]


KPC3581 15th World Forestry Congress

제15차 세계산림총회 15th World Forestry Congress 우표번호 Stamp No. 3581 종수 Types 1 발행량 Quantity 640,000(전지 40,000장) 디자인 Design 자연을 포용하는 아름다운 우리 산림 인쇄 및 색수 Print & Color 평판 / 4도 / 금분 전지구성 Sheet composition 4 × 4 디자이너 Designer 김미화 발행일 Date of Issue 2022. 4. 5. 액면가격 Denomination 430원 우표크기 […]


Some other examples of stamp issues for the Kim Il Sung anniversary

(On 15 April an article was published on how the DPRK commemorates the birthday of Kim Il Sung. Here one of our members, Alexander Shaposhnikov, introduces a few other related stamp issues from his collection:) In addition to the article I am sending some photos of several rare imperforated stamps dedicated to the birthday of […]


ROK Samiljeol Commemorative Military Post Card used in 1952

Shown here is a military post card used in 1952. The card is a commemorative card, printed to commemorate “Samil Day”. The following extract about Samiljeol is from a 1943 booklet authored by New Ilhan entitled Korea and the Pacific War which was based on a report he prepared for the Office of Strategic Services […]


Post cards commemorating the ROK 1955 Expo

Two post cards, part of a set commemorating the ROK 1955 Expo. These two post cards were made by the Huimangsa 希望社 · 製 for the industrial exhibition commemorating the tenth anniversary of liberation 解放十週年產業博覽會記念. This refers to August 15, 1945, commemorated in both the ROK and DPRK as the date Korea was liberated from […]

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Japanese era “directional cachets” used on New Ilhan covers leading the way to the USA

When I was writing my earlier article on New Ilhan (see KP Vol. 57 No. 1), I didn’t even realize I had more envelopes from the New Ilhan company. When I did realize, I looked around for more envelopes from New Ilhan and discovered several other items. All these envelopes must have come from the […]


My postal experiences in the DPRK 2012 – 2013

From early August 2012 to the end of November 2013 I was stationed in Pyongyang (DPRK) for the World Food Program of the United Nations. Because of the limited international internet access allowed to the WFP national staff in the DPRK (mainly seconded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). There is also a WFP DPRK […]


History of the Korea Stamp Society Written in 1976

As I looking through my old Korean Philately magazines in preparation for the KP 70th anniversary issue of the Korea Stamp Society I came across something that I had not noticed before. On the back of a facsimile of the first KP issued on October 1, 1951, I found a summary of the KSS from […]