KSS Membership

Since 1952 the Korea Stamp Society has been there for all philatelists worldwide interested in philatelic subjects related to Korea. You can apply for KSS membership by filing out the KSS membership registration form and making payment for the option you select.

We review all applications for “seriousness”. While we are not very picky about your philatelic preferences when reviewing your application, any application found to be containing obviously fake or nonsense information is rejected.

Once approved, as a (new) member you will receive an KSS member number and password so you an access to the KSS website and be able to read all the article and download items such as the Korean Philately magazines, including all back issues. This is needed as a (new) member in order for you add content to the website, interact with other KSS website users and see articles which are for KSS members only. Your home address (see registration form fields) is needed because the KSS does occasionally send out information by post to members. We will never share your address information with any third party without your express permission.

After clicking “Submit” in the membership we will review your information and send you payment details. Please allow up to 48 hours for your membership to be confirmed.

Please select the type of memberships from the options below. All members will have access to all the digital content on the KSS website including all articles, the digital Korean Philately magazine and downloads of philatelic literature. The prices are in US$.

There are options for free membership in following years  after you join: the KSS membership fees will be waived for  the following one year, for members who have two articles accepted for publication in Korean Philately. And fees will be waived for the following two years for members who contributed three articles within the membership year. There is no restriction on the length of articles, and KSS officers will assist contributors, where necessary, especially if English is not their first language. A guide to writing articles for publication will be made available in due course.

There is also an option for free hardship membership if one cannot afford the  $20 annual fee.  If you feel you fit under this category, please explain on the membership form application and the KSS will consider your request.

Note for all membership fees: if the Korea Stamp Society ceases to exist, fees will not be refundable.

This is needed due to European Union regulations. Although the KSS is incorporated in the USA we still feel it is best for us to ask you for your consent.