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Are There Any Other Readers Specialized/Interested in Stamp Errors?

One area of the collecting of Korean stamps that fascinates me is the various errors of Korean stamps. I am wondering if there are many collectors of these Korean errors, and whether it would be useful to establish a discussion group for these errors on the KSS website, or should we just publish articles on […]


Rare 1945 Soviet overprints or fantasy stamps?

In the September 2019 KSS Newsletter I showed a stamp from an Ebay auction. The stamp itself was not remarkable: a very common Japanese 8 sen stamp from the first Showa series (Sakura 229, Scott 265, 1939) with an overprint showing a “Rose of Sharon”, the Korean empire/kingdom flower showed to these days on South […]


KoreaPost commemorates 100 years of independence movement

KoreaPost is calling upon Koreans to remember all things related to the “independence for Korea” movement. Because many of the people and symbols related to the struggle for independence have been featured on stamps KoreaPost can show a lot of examples from the past. It’s all in Korean, but even without any knowledge of Korean […]


KSC5216-5218: Monumental Edifices

(News from 조선우표사 / Korea Stamp Corporation) The Korea Stamp Corporation has published a stamp series showing “monumental edifices” in the DPRK.


KPC3416-3419: The style of the hanbok

(News from 우정사업본부 / KoreaPost) On 9 September 2019 KoreaPost issued a series of four stamps showing how the hanbok, the traditional clothes of Korea, changed over the centuries. The stamps were issued for the new first class postal rate of 380 won.


KNTA shows Sherwood Hall’s turtle ship drawing

In a recent blog post the 대한결핵협회 / Korean National Tuberculosis Association (KNTA) shows Sherwood Hall’s turtle ship drawing, which was a subject proposed for his first Christmas seals. In the end this idea was not used and another seal was released. Interestingly this version of the drawing is slightly different from the one in […]

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How to spot nonsense catalogue values?

In 2018 a Korean stamp dealer sent me several envelopes covered in older stamps. All stamps published by the (South) Korean postal services are still valid, even including the hwan stamps printed before 1962 and the old won values from the 1940s and 1950s as long as they are correctly recalculated into new won.


Palo Korean Album Pages

For many years I have been using Palo Album pages for my Korean stamp collection. They are based in the USA and have very high quality pages, albums and album slip covers. The pages are five holes punched for their album binders. The pages are about 11 x 12 inches long. They have excellent standard […]


Download (KSS members only): “KSS Monograph 1: Korean Postal Stationery Catalog Errata”

In 1986/1987 KSS member John J. Sauer published “KSS Monograph 1: Korean Postal Stationery Catalog”. This 32 page publication can be download on the KSS website. A 2 page update to the original publication was published some time after as an addendum.


Another Strong Market Result for A Korean Christmas/TB Seals

I had just written about the very strong market for the rare Korean Christmas and TB seal on August 4, 2019 with two 1953 sheets selling for around $2000 each on eBay. Now a pair of the very rare unissued Dr. Hall 1940 seal has just sold for US$2600. One of the pair was damaged […]


KSC5215N: Grand Mass Gymnastics and Artistic Performance The Land of the People

(News from 조선우표사 / Korea Stamp Corporation) The Korea Stamp Corporation has published a sheetlet containing three stamps to “reflect the newly-created grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance the Land of the People.”


KPC3414-3415: Korea-Croatia Joint Issue

(News from 우정사업본부 / KoreaPost) On 29 August 2019 KoreaPost issued two stamps commemorating the relationship between Korea and Croatia through a joint issue of two stamps at the new value of 380 won.


Handwritten Dae han (Tai han) on piece, for discussion

German Auction Galleries Hamburg (Schwanke Auktion) No. 6 (Dec. 1/2, 2017) offered lot 96 described as follows: “1897, attraktive Briefvorderseite mit sechs verschiedenen frühen Korea-Marken, teils mit Aufdruck, leicht stockig, ansonsten gute Erhaltung. 1897, attractive cover front with six different Korean stamps, some with overprint, some stain.” Started at 250.-, realized 310.- euros + %.


Stamp Museum Exhibition: “Taegeukgi in History” (10 Aug. – 29 Sept.)

If you happen to be in Seoul in the next month and wondering what to do as philatelist: why not visit the special exhibition on the Taegeukgi? The Korean Stamp Museum released images showing their newest exhibit which coincides with the new stamp series issued by KoreaPost on the same theme.


KNTA suggests 2019 Christmas seal design

A Dutch footballer famously once said approx. “you will only see it if you understand it“. This is true of Korean blogs as well: sometimes you really have to read on before you notice there is something important being said. Take a recent blog post on Korean National Tuberculosis Association’s Facebook page.

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Modern DPRK rarities (2): History of the porcelain stamps of 1999

The DPRK issued a set of 5 porcelain stamps in 1999. The KSC numbers for these stamps are KSC3983-3987. However, a careful collector might find something strange about two of the stamps in this set, KSC3983 (70 jon) and KSC 3987 (2.50 won).


POSA: To The Lighthouse!

POSA (the Korea Postal Service Agency / 한국우편사업진흥원) has released a series of lighthouse related graphics on the K-stamp Facebook page. The graphics show tourism related cancellations with Korean lighthouses shown in the cancellation. According to POSA “it’s a journey along the country’s lighthouses by tourist datestamp”.


Post Offices in Korea – December 1906

The primary intent in creating this list of post offices is to aid philatelists and researchers in the identification of postmarks used in Old Korea during the Japanese period. For the average Western philatelist not familiar, or somewhat familiar with Chinese characters, reading cancels or postal addresses can be a daunting task. This task is […]


Opinion: Are some or all of the latest “North Korean” peace talk stamps and souvenir sheets fakes or legitimate?

As some readers of the KSS website know, I have not been interested in most North Korean (DPR) stamp issues. However, the peace talks between South Korea and North Korea, and the even more recent nuclear talks between North Korea and the USA, have caused some worldwide interest in philatelic material commemorating these talks. I […]


KNTA also celebrates independence day

The 대한결핵협회 / Korean National Tuberculosis Association (KNTA), known for issuing the Korean Christmas seals since 1949, also published some materials related to both the March 1 movement of 1919, 80 years ago, as well as the 74th anniversary of Korean independence from Japan in 1945. That’s a lot of anniversaries in one sentence!


Dr. Hall’s 1934 Korean Methodist Seal

There is an unusual Korean seal that occasionally shows up in Korean collections and on eBay, which sometimes confuses collectors. This seal was actually designed by Dr. Sherwood Hall and is sought out by some collectors of Dr. Hall’s Korean Christmas seals. It was issued for the “50th Anniversary of Korean Methodism” in 1934, shortly […]

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8.15: 74 years of Korean independence

It has been 74 years since Korea became independent in August 1945 after having been occupied by the Japanese empire since 1905/1910. This is something the Koreans understandably don’t want the world to forget of course and KoreaPost is part of that movement. Just a few days ago KoreaPost released quite a beautiful set of […]


KPC3398-3413: Taegeukgi in history

(News from 우정사업본부 / KoreaPost) On 14 August KoreaPost released a series of stamps commemorating the different shapes and colours of the Taegeukgi, the national symbol and flag of Korea.


KoreaPost: Stay safe this Summer!

KoreaPost released a new campaign on safety. The campaign is related to the recent Tourism Series stamps and shows accidents waiting to happen on holiday. The campaign also comes with a new idea: put your name on these stamps.


Ship mail versus ship’s mail: not all ships are paquebots!

In “Paquebot Cancellations of the World” Mike Dovey and Keith Morris list a series of Korean paquebot cancellations. However, it might be that not all of the cancellations shown are paquebot cancellations.

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KSC5215M: DPRK-US Summit Meeting at Panmunjom

(News from 조선우표사 / Korea Stamp Corporation) The Korea Stamp Corporation has published a stamp in a souvenir sheet to commemorate that “Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Met with the US President Donald J. Trump at Panmunjom”. 


KSC5215L: Historic Summit Meeting in Pyongyang by the Supreme Leaders of the DPRK and China

(News from 조선우표사 / Korea Stamp Corporation) The Korea Stamp Corporation has published a stamp in a souvenir sheet to commemorate the meeting in Pyongyang of the leaders of the DPRK and China.


Cheon or Plum Blossom Essays

Figure 1 illustrates three essay stamps recently sold by Michael Rogers in a private treaty sale, while Figures 2 and 3 illustrate the front and back of essays originally owned by Jim Kerr and sold by private treaty after being withdrawn from auction. These essays, referred to as both Cheon or Plum Blossom Essays, have […]

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KPC3394-3397: 5th Tourism Series

(News from 우정사업본부 / KoreaPost) On 6 August 2019 KoreaPost issued a series of stamps showing “must visit places” in Korea. This is the fifth series of stamps in the Tourism Series showing places in Korea known for their outstanding beauty or their historical significance. The stamps were issued for the new first class postal […]


KoreaPost release August wallpaper

KoreaPost has release this month’s “wallpaper”, a set of graphics files which can be used as background on a computer or a smartphone. This month’s wallpaper is directly related to the theme of the next stamp release, which is the 5th annual tourism series titled “Must-visit Tourist Destinations for Koreans“.


Strong Demand Continues for Korean Tuberculosis/Christmas and New Year Seals

What surprises many stamps collectors who do not collect Korean stamps is the strong demand and high prices for the early Korean Dr. Hall (1932-1940) and post WWII late 1940’s to early 1950’s Tuberculosis (TB)/Christmas and New Year seals. Because of the Korean problem with TB and Dr. Sherwood Hall’s program to issue these seals […]


Behind the stamp (Paju local revenue stamp)

Highway 1 leads northward from Seoul to Kaesong and then to P’yong-yang, connecting two ancient capitals of Korea with the modern one. A few miles from the Seoul city limits, a smaller road leads east towards Uijong-bu, and about two miles from Highway 1 there is a narrow gravel road headed north, up the steep […]


The Korean Christmas Seals (1960)

I became interested in Korean Christmas Seals in 1936 when I was asked to cover the South Pyengan Province. Each year, thereafter, I sold more than anyone else. In the ninth year – 1940 – I sold all that were sold in that area as far as I know. This consisted of an order for […]

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KSC5215K: Singpex 2019 36th Asian International Stamp Exhibition

(News from 조선우표사 / Korea Stamp Corporation) The Korea Stamp Corporation has issued a souvenir sheet to mark “Singpex 2019 36th Asian International Stamp Exhibition” which was held in Singapore.


KPC3392-3393: Korea – India Joint Issue

(News from 우정사업본부 / KoreaPost) On 30 July 2019 KoreaPost released two stamps as a joint stamp issue with India. Because these stamps are a joint issue, the stamps have two designers: from Korea Shin Jae-yong (신재용), who is a prolific stamp designer, and from India Sankha Samantha, known for his Gandhi stamps.


KSC5215J: Lake Chon on Mount Paektu

(News from 조선우표사 / Korea Stamp Corporation) The Korea Stamp Corporation has issued a stamp to show Mount Paektu, an ancestral sacred mountain of Korean Revolution. The mountain, on which the revolutionary traditions of the country struck their root deep, instils the revolutionary spirit of Paektu, the spirit of blizzards of Paektu, in the Korea […]


Revenue stamps published 30 years apart used on the same day

Recently seen on Ebay (and purchased by the well-known revenue stamp collector Joe Ross): two South Korean documents with tax stamps. In itself, both stamps and the type of document are not particularly special: both stamps were easily available at the counter in South Korea until at least 2014, and unlike many types of documents […]

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KoreaPost: “How to ask for this in English?”

KoreaPost has done some forward thinking here. You must have been in this situation: you’re in a foreign country, where you can’t (properly) speak the language. Now how to ask for stamps? And that special type of post service? We might have a guidebook, but how much technical (postal) language is there in such a […]


First-Flight Cover, Hibiscus over North Pole

The SAS (Scandinavian Airline System) opened a polar shortcut on February 24, 1957, flying an SAS DC-7C from Copenhagen, Denmark via Anchorage, Alaska to Tokyo, Japan. This new North Pole shortcut shortened the flying time between Denmark and Japan from 50 hours to 32 hours. 


Korean Stamp Album Pages

During the course of collecting South Korean stamps since 1983 the problem of how to store the collection is always a difficult one. Stamp album page published by various companies are the traditional method for keeping a collection for easy access and viewing. Using Showgard or comparable stamp mounts preserves the stamps well but the […]