Classic Korea stamps and covers with Holcombe certificates (Rapp auction)

Auction News

We are always on the look out for interesting Korean philatelic materials showing up in auctions. One noticeable item showing up in a Rapp auction (“Rapp Auktion Nr. 39 und Nr. 40 von 23. bis 28. November 2020“) is item nr. 2826. This item is listed in both German and English. The Korean items shown in that auction are quite interesting, but perhaps even more so are the Holcombe certificates accompanying most of these items.

Holcombe passed away late in 2011, but for years he was one of the more active international philatelic expertizers. Certificates signed by Holcombe show up regularly in auctions, not just for Korea related philatelic materials of course but for materials from many parts of the world. His name has shown up here and there on the KSS website in the past.

The whole set is described by Rapp as:

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